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014- [Audio]

[For a few moments after the device clicks on, there's the muffled sound of wet coughing, as though the speaker is being covered up to try and minimize the noise. After a while, Ron manages to speak, though his breathing is fairly labored during his short message.]

Just to be safe... stay away from me and my flatmates, yeah? Harry and 'Mione- [He's interrupted by a coughing fit, and sounds like he mutters an obscenity before continuing.] Harry and 'Mione are okay so far, but I don't want nobody taking any chances. So just... keep your distance.


... so now we're stuck in some American town I've never heard of, and there's a flu going around killing people.


What are common ways to keep diseases from spreading? I was never exactly well-up on healing magic or anything like that.


Sleep's gotten better thanks to Hermione's potion... of course, having a bunch of deranged-looking stick figures crop up on the bulletin board just as all this damned rain starts pouring down isn't really helping with the resting.

Road... take care,  yeah? I know I probably don't need to say it, not with Tyki there looking after you, but just try to keep safe until we figure out whether there's actually some kid-killer on the loose.


I haven't had a decent night's sleep in over two weeks... and now I discover that some bloody fool planted a Whomping Willow when I wasn't looking.  A week ago. I think I prefer the weirdness when I don't recognise it from home.

Like these weird bubbles with things inside of them. I picked up a red one that looks like it's got some kind of chewing gum in it, but with my luck, it'll be the spawn of some disgusting demon that's gonna melt my tongue off.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm real chipper these days.


Bloody hell, I couldn't sleep at all last night. I could've sworn there was something I was supposed to do, but no matter how much I wracked my brains, I couldn't figure it out.

I also realised that tomorrow is sort of my birthday. I say 'sort of' because I just turned eighteen a few months ago, so it can't possibly be that time again, unless I've lost track of time that badly. Then again, we all know time's a bit weird here.

Have I mentioned how much I hate this place? Because it bears repeating.

009- [Audio]

Of all the...

Merlin, the stupid sweets are gone, but these messages.... They're all over the bloody place.
I don't much fancy the idea of Harry messing around with Hermione's knickers, so of course that's the one that won't come off my dresser....

And what the hell is that smell?! 


... at least they're not spiders. Still disgusting, though.

Anyway, I was wondering, does anyone have any experience running an eatery? Or rather, does anyone want the experience? Aaron's disappeared, and I guess people still want the place open and running, and I don't much fancy myself a barkeep or anything like that. Let me know if you'd like the job; we can work out scheduling and payment and whatnot.

007- [Audio]


What have we done to deserve a hanging?

Some of us, I can understand... but not all of us.

Happy bloody New Year, apparently.

006- [Audio]

Bloody hell....

... what the hell was that about?

Why would I dream about... did anyone else...?

Sod this, I need some air.

[OOC- Ron is not happy about the array of dreams he had last night (especially one of them in particular) and is headed for a walk around World's End to think without bothering any of his flatmates. Feel free to come across him outside or, if you're one of the HP kids, come look for him/wonder where he went. Ping me if you'd rather do something in the log community.

005- [Audio | Fourth Wall Event]

Damn it, you stupid Muggle contraption! I know you have an off switch somewhere! Why won't you shut up?

Ugh. It's really rather creepy hearing random voices crop up out of this thing.